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Adult Programming

Our highly structured and comprehensive treatment program includes group therapy, medication management and a variety of unit activities including recreation, socialization and expressive therapies. Treatment services focus on helping patients develop the necessary coping skills to deal with the issues that led to the need for hospitalization. Case Management staff provide discharge services and arrange follow-up care in the community. Placement is individualized according to the needs of each patient.

Adolescent Programming

Treatment plans include comprehensive assessment, group therapy, medication management, school participation and family involvement. Program staff offer therapy and support to parents and siblings. Our weekly Multi-Family Group sessions provide an essential forum for improved and effective communication within the family unit.

Discharge planning is initiated at the time of admission and revised throughout the hospitalization. A written Aftercare Plan is developed with the participation of the adolescent and family. It includes recommendations for further treatment and follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed.

Group schedules will be posted prior to opening the hospital to accept patients. The schedules will be regularly updated as new programs are added or changes are made.